Sunday 12.5.2024
Settings 12:00 & 14:00

Starter table

Gravlax with blood grapefruit and chili-yogurt sauce L, G
Skagen (shrimp) salad L, G
Beef pastrami with horseradish crème L, G
Smoked reindeer mousse and Malax loaf bread L (G)
Mixed salad with strawberries and finnish oven baked cheese L, G
Green salad, tomato and cucumber V
Asparagus-potatosalad V
Fruits V
House dressing L, G
House breads, spreads L (G)

Warm buffet

Lemon risotto with green asparagus, root vegetable chips V, G (served at the table) 
Warm smoked salmon with orange seasoned champagne sauce L, G 
Whiskey-glazed beef hanger steak, red wine sauce L, G 
Season potatoes and spring onion butter L, G 
Season vegetables L, G

For children

Meatball pasta with tomato sauce L (G)
French fries V
Crispy chicken L (G)

Dessert table

Strawberry cream cake L 
White chocolate-rhubarbpannacotta L, G 
Lemon cake (VEGAN) L 
Candies & chocolate pralines L, G

Price à 39 €
Kids 4-12 years 1,50 € / year
Under 4 years eat free