Our sauna is suitable for 15-20 person groups. It features a large TV and a small sound system for background music.


Our sauna premises have a alcohol retail license, so bringing own beverages is forbidden.

• Beer III 4,50 €
• Cider 4,50 €
• Gin Long Drink 4,50 €
• Soda 4,00 €
And a changing selection of wines, special beers etc.

When pre-ordered, we can also cater drinks according to your wishes from our restaurants selection.


Monday11:00-16:00 (5 h)
17:00-22:00 (5 h)
Tuesday11:00-16:00 (5 h)
17:00-22:00 (5 h)
Wednesday11:00-16:00 (5 h)
17:00-22:00 (5 h)
Thursday11:00-16:00 (5 h)
17:00-22:00 (5 h)
Friday11:00-16:00 (5 h)
17:00-23:00 (6 h)
Saturday12:00-16:00 (4 h)
17:00-23:00 (6 h)

Prices include bath towels for 10 persons

Additional bath towels can be pre-ordered for the price of à +7 €/person.

Rent of the Sauna and other products/services are billed afterwards from the contact person.

Renting the sauna outside our regular opening hours is possible. Reservations and inquiries; or by phone +358 20 7345 400

Booking terms

The beginning and ending time of the reservation is indicated in the booking confirmation. For possible extra hours or shorter rental periods (e.g. meetings) must be agreed beforehand.

The booker and those who use the premises must be at least 18 years old. The maximum number of persons mentioned in the description of the sauna premises cannot be . We recommend that the reservee leave the premises last.

The booking fee and other services are billed afterwards according to the consumption. Food is billed, at a minimum, according to the pre-order.

Price includes usage of sauna premises, bath towels for 10 people, use of AV equipment and cleaning. Additional bath towels can be pre-ordered à 7 €.

Prices include VAT. The billing surcharge is 6 €. Payment term 10 days net. The default late fee interest is the one at the moment of booking, in accordance with the Interest Act.

Cancellation within 7 days of reservation’s starting time, we will charge the original rental price as a cancellation fee.

In case of force majeure, Oy Fondis Ab can cancel the reservation without liability.

Sauna facilities are, under alcohol law, a drinking area, and it is therefore strictly forbidden to bring your own drinks there. The removal of alcoholic beverages from the drinking area is also strictly prohibited.

Under the alcohol law, our personnel have the right to seize imported beverages, and to remove customer (or customers) from the premises if necessary.

Bringing own drinks to the sauna incurs additional cleaning costs, and these are added to the rental price.

Our sauna facilities are a non-smoking area. Smoking is possible outside the premises in separately designated places.

Smoking indoors causes a fire alarm, of which the direct and indirect costs will be charged.

In addition, snuff bags and/or other tobacco products must not be placed in a toilet bowl, sink, shower and sauna facilities and/or left on floor surfaces; only in rubbish bins.

Any deficiencies and other comments related to the premises must be reported to the employee immediately, or no later than within 24 hours after the end of the rental period by e-mail.

Reservee is obliged to compensate in full for any damage caused to the premises, property owner and/or third parties during the rental, and is also liable for damage caused after the lease term due to the operation and/or negligence of those on the premises.

Items and other assets that have been broken or removed from the sauna facilities will be charged retrospectively for the replacement value of the new product. Charge for a lost bath towel à 25 €.


Beef hamburger steak, salad, tomato, pickles, cheese, aioli and burger buns & french fries with chili-mayo and mayonnaise.

low-lactose, available gluten-free

à 22,90 € (150 g steak)
à 28,90 € (2 x 150 g steaks and double buns)


Full corn pennepasta, sauce of your choise, green sallad, tomato, cucumber, marinated red onion, crouton & crushed cheese, bread and house butter

Bolognese (from Träskulla minced beef), Vegan bolognese, mild hot chicken

low-lactose, available gluten-free

à 24,90 € (1 filling)
à 29,90 € (2 fillings)


Green salad mix, tomato, cucumber, marinated red onion, croutons & crushed cheese, bread and Fondis spread.

Choose one of the following sauces:
Caesar, French or vinaigrette

low-lactose, available gluten-free

à 17,90 € (1 filling)
à 20,90 € (2 fillings)


savory pie, green salad mix, tomato, cucumber, marinated red onion, croutons & crushed cheese, bread and fondis spread

low-lactose, available gluten-free

Fillings: (choose 1)
Chicken-onion, cold smoked salmon or tomato-goat cheese

à 20,90 €